When and Why a Developer Should Consult With an Urban Planner

21 March 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

An urban planner is someone who can help determine the best way to design and use land that is planned for development. Urban planning services are often invaluable for developers, those who buy up large plots of land in order to build a new subdivision, shopping centre and the like. If you're a developer who is looking to purchase a parcel of land or who has already done so with the idea of developing it into a new residential or retail complex, note when and why you might consult with an urban planner and how their services can be beneficial to you.

To plan new utilities for the development

If the land you've purchased does not have utilities running to it already, an urban planner can help with determining how those utilities should be designed for maximum safety and efficiency. Very hilly land may need added work to safely install underground sewer pipes, and lots of trees may pose a hazard or impediment to running overhead power lines through the area. An urban planner can note how these challenges may affect the cost of your development and how to work with the existing landscape to bring in those needed utilities.

To note traffic patterns for minimal congestion

When planning any development, you need to consider how traffic will make its way in and out of that area. An urban planner can help determine the best areas for creating entryways and exits, and also how many of these may be needed for your development, to ease traffic congestion. They might suggest adding another side street along a residential area or additional entryways to a retail complex, including back entries for delivery trucks and other vehicles that would otherwise slow down traffic in an out of your proposed development.

To keep parks and natural attractions intact

A new development may need to include parks for families or other natural attractions that would enhance the overall appearance and desirability of the location. An urban planner can help you to determine the best way of designing the space while keeping native trees and other such features and to note where such features should be installed so that they don't block traffic patterns. An urban planner can also work with landscaping engineers to note how to preserve natural slopes of the land while still allowing it to be cleared and levelled as needed for your development.