Key Facts About Bore Water Drilling

19 January 2022
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Given that Australia is the driest inhabited continent globally, the popularity of bore water has increased exponentially for the last couple of years. There is no doubt that bore water is the ideal option if you want a reliable source of affordable and clean water. In addition, bore water has proven helpful for businesses that need a lot of water for their operations all year round. Therefore, if you want a borehole for your business but are unsure what the drilling process entails, here are a few facts to get you started. Read More 

Five Tips for Cleaning the Skip Outside Your Business

19 May 2017
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Even if you are extremely diligent about bagging your rubbish and not letting liquids spill in the skip, your skip will occasionally get dirty. As residue and rubbish builds up on the bottom of the skip, it is likely to emit a sour odour, and that's not nice, especially if your skip is near your business. To clean your skip, consider these tips. 1. Schedule Cleaning the Day of Pickup Read More 

When and Why a Developer Should Consult With an Urban Planner

21 March 2017
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An urban planner is someone who can help determine the best way to design and use land that is planned for development. Urban planning services are often invaluable for developers, those who buy up large plots of land in order to build a new subdivision, shopping centre and the like. If you're a developer who is looking to purchase a parcel of land or who has already done so with the idea of developing it into a new residential or retail complex, note when and why you might consult with an urban planner and how their services can be beneficial to you. Read More 

5 Energy Saving Tips When Installing Air Conditioning Units

23 February 2017
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During the hot summer season, you should brace yourself for high humidity and heat in your house. To stay fresh and comfortable while indoors, you will need an air conditioning system that is energy efficient. Such an AC saves you money in terms of energy bills. Here are some valuable energy saving tips that homeowners must consider when installing air conditioners. Longer Run Times -- When you are a stickler for energy-saving appliances, you should know that installing an AC unit that does not match the size of a room consumes a lot of energy. Read More 

Common Mistakes in Bush Regeneration

21 February 2017
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If you own a plot of land that is a bit barren and desolate or which is overgrown with weeds, you want to consider some type of bush regeneration. This refers to regenerating or healing an area of land, bringing in native plants and flowers, and keeping the soil healthier overall. Bush regeneration is a slow process and not something that can be done in just one attempt; trying to accomplish it this quickly can mean causing even more damage to the soil. Read More