Five Tips for Cleaning the Skip Outside Your Business

19 May 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Even if you are extremely diligent about bagging your rubbish and not letting liquids spill in the skip, your skip will occasionally get dirty. As residue and rubbish builds up on the bottom of the skip, it is likely to emit a sour odour, and that's not nice, especially if your skip is near your business. To clean your skip, consider these tips.

1. Schedule Cleaning the Day of Pickup

To make cleaning as easy as possible, you want to do it on the day that the rubbish company empties your skip. Plan in advance so that's possible. Also, let your employees or anyone else who uses the skip know that you plan to clean it during that time so no one puts more rubbish into it.

2. Check for the Drain

Make sure that the drain on the bottom of the skip is open. Most skips have small holes on the bottom to let out rain, and those holes are useful if you are cleaning the inside as well. Remove leaves or other debris that has accumulated over the holes.

In some cases, the drains have small covers similar to the drain covers on coolers. Locate those covers and remove them. Note that you may have to do that by reaching under the skip.

3. Get Inside

To effectively clean the skip, you may want to get inside of it. Use a ladder to climb up into the skip, but always make sure that it is empty. If you get into a skip that has rubbish in it, you never know if you might end up stepping on a used needle or cutting yourself on scrap metal.

4. Start Sweeping and Mopping

To remove dust and dirt, you may want to start with sweeping the skip. Then, it's time to grab the mop. Ideally, you should use a separate mop for cleaning the skip than you do for inside your business. That way, you don't accidentally spread germs from the skip into the inside of your business.

5. Use Germ Killers

To ensure you kill the germs in the bottom of the skip, use bleach, ammonia or another strong antibacterial cleaner. Also, use water that is as hot as possible. Finally, you may want to rinse when done. To prevent odours from rising up in your skip in the future, you may want to finish off the job by sprinkling some soda bicarbonate in your skip.

For more information, contact a skip bin hire service.